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eLearning Program Testimonials

This training has been very helpful. It is much easier to offer and sell a product when you know more about it and how it works. Thanks for taking the time to put this training program together.
Amy Johannemann
Sign-A-Rama East
Lynn: Look forward to working as 'Ambassador ' for you. The e-learning program was fantastic!
Richard Semple
DSD Systems
Excellent and informative. Thanks.
Jeremy  Rohdeenburg
NUKE Digital
Your system is unparamount with the current available products. We have used this system successfully in churches, schools, commercial business- all looking to get an edge on current trends. Your customer service is exceptional and for your speedy quotes we are able to keep product moving along. Please note that Vista has been used in the Boston Celtics locker rooms and the Mayo Clinic. Thank you!
Marie Ferguson
Sign Here, Inc.
Good training now my vendors are the best with VISTA! Thanks for your support God bless you.
Albert Rubio
Promo Marketing PR
Your product is great! Your website is very slick! The help and support from your Representatives is second to none! While I was taking the eTraining online, one of our top salesmen peeked over my shoulder and said -- no lie: "I've got a big project we need to use Vista on. One of the nicest things about them is they never try to position themselves between us and our clients like many of their competitors do. I remember many incidents where I sent off Quote Requests on a project that the other companies ended up a few weeks later at the Bid Table, sitting across from us. Vista doesn't do that." All of us here at Art Display Co. think you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!
Guy Owen
Art Display Co.
Hey Tammy, I absolutely love your on-line training was incredibly helpful.
Fabulous training program! Not only am I impressed with this training, I intend to use it as an example to further develop and improve our own training progams. Note: Program free of charge as per Tammy Stubbs
What an exiting journey into the world of MCFT, i have worked with other "sign sytems" and think the Vista solution certainly has more advantages. Howard Levin
What a great product! I enjoy selling the Vista System and will continue to do so. The ease of install and professional appearance make it an outstanding sign package. My clients are both amazed and delighted when they receive their new sign systems. Vista is by far a superior product. Keep up the good work! Btw - The folks on the other end of the phone are very pleasant to work with and are always eager to assist. Thanks a million. -Ron (Girtain Sign Co.)
Ronald Kinoian
Girtain Sign Co.
Looking forward to do business with you! Best regards / Mikael Sandelius SWEDEN
Mikael Sandelius
Foliedesign Stockholm
We have sold alot of your variety of products and look forward to continued success in the future...Thanks for all of the great product and information......Regards, Bob
Bob  Deschamps
Pro Signs, Inc.
I look forward to generating sales from Vista Systems.
Steve Tant
Advantage Signs
It is an exellent product it"s a knew option for our companies an innovation in publicity and is very immportant for people that need a new type of publicity that is the best opption
I love the system and have already been using it whenever I can. I also had purchased the sales display kit a couple of years ago and it is great sales tool. Thanks Joe Colucci Design Signs
Joe Colucci
Design Signs
this was an excellent presentation. I look foreword to working with your systems in the near future. thank you very much
Thom Garcia
Freeman Signs
Thank you for the tour, I would like to have my production department view this on their own. How can I have them see this too? I may already have 2 customers that might buy this. I need to know prices ASAP. thanks Debi
Debi  Lovelady
Vital Signs, llc
Very honored Vista team, this presentation had encouraged my first impression. It is an excellent product which we would like to sell with pleasure. Kind regards from Berlin
Great program, Wow what a great sales tool this would be to be able to share some of the segments with customers. Thanks, Ron Hager Patron Graphics
Ron Hager
Patron Graphics
I only would like to thank you for giving such good service no matter the size or quantity !!! :-)
B�rge Rossvold
Skiltsystemer AS
Thank you very much for the "training" on your product. It will equip me for what I my encounter in my sales route and gives me something more to offer people.
Nicholas Carroll
The GSI group
Very well done.
Thank you.......... your piece is very informative and should get anyone who spends the time to go thru it, excited.....
Very nice presentation!
Great educational tool.....I am going to have our entire staff go through it. Sign me up as an ambassador!
Sounds like a great product
Great program, I will re-play it to our sales and graphic design staff to give them a better appreciation of what your systems can offer us. thanks Rod, Manager Morgan Signs Cardiff
The programme was very enlighting,you guys offer the best prof.signs in the market. thank you
Great job, Thanks, Don
Do you have a sample of the EL insert. I am not familiar with it. Thanks!
Thankyou, it was quite informative. I would like more info in the use of your signage in outdoor environments and how protected the graphic inserts are from the elements.
I have filled out the order form We are ready to start selling.
Goog program, looking forward to seeing you product...
Great Job, Great System!
Great program. Learned a lot about your products and how to sell them.
Great presentation. I know that this system will be of interest to a lot of our clients- universities, medical centers and people looking for a modern look. Thank you.
As one of the benefits of the program there is a demo case that for a deposit of $250 we would be able to get. After buying $1000 worth of product we would get the deposit back. We have purchased close to $20,000 worth of product within the past few months so Sam Schneider approved this at no cost. The system works great and we sell it fairly well. Thanks
Great program, would have liked more info about the software mentioned. Could not back up for some reason to listen again to that portion.
With the lighted signs, does Vista do the setup for the electric
I have been selling Vista systems for the past couple years and have been very pleased with the support and knowledge from Vista. I hope to do much more business with Vista in the future. Jimmy Parrott Sign*A*Rama Florence, KY
Very Informative sales guide and training tool. Straightforward and easy to follow and understand. Looking forward to receiving and utilizing the Vista sales kit.
This looks like a great program and I like your philosophy of your "U&I" program. Thanks, Jerry Hamm iInvestments, Inc.
This has been a very pleasant learning experience. Thank you, and I look foreward to being a Vista Systems ambassador. Kris Lane Novinger, Booth Graphic Designs
Excellent presentation I am looking forward to buy the selling kits from you. Thanks for your support. Mr. Bolivar Vega VYASA Sign systems Dominican Republic
Dear sirs, The program was very interesting and useful. Thank you N.Badral
Congratulations, it is a clear, easy to understand program
It would be very helpful to have samples of all the different type lens materials.
Great Product, Great Program, I am greatly looking forward to doing business with your company.
Very Informative. Thanks
Good summary of the product! We look forward to working with you more in the future and with our upcoming involvement in the ambassador program. Thank you, Todd Bringuet / Dennis Bringuet
This was a great educational tool. I did not realize the scope of the uses for this system. I know I have sold a lot of these signs in the past with the knowledge now I can grow buy Vista business farther. I usually go straight to your team with ideas and they always come through. Thank you and your team for help making my business a success. Gig Wilkowsky Signs By Tomorrow Atlanta
Very informative and usefull.
Kudos Sam for a well designed and informative presentation. A customer-friendly DVD version of this presentation would be a great help to leave behind with contractors and architects along with the sample signs. Pete Kouchis VisuCom Signs & Graphics, Inc. Visual Communication Consultants
Great learning tool. Helped to explaine the features and benefits very effectively. Thanks.
Very Informative !!
Thank you for a Great system and unbeaten support and enthusiasm for this product. The first two opportunities I had to present the Vista system turned into orders. I look forward to our future success together! With warm regards- Cathy Squires Business Development IntelliCAM Custom Products Corp.
Outstanding!!! Great job guys. I have been looking forward to this since we had the sneak preview in Paris. This is really going to pay off and help us reach the 2008 goal.